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© 2009 - Helvetia Rock Shop LLC All rights reserved.

 Belts & Disks

Individual Belts fit
4" x 12 dia expanding drums
Save on belts by the 10 pack
All belts and disks are silicon carbide abrasive on wet or dry cloth backing.
12" diameter disks
$7.00 ea (all grits sizes)
$50.00 / 10 pack (all grits)
$8.00 ea (all grits)
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10 pack BELTS
12" dia. Sanding Disk

The sanding  belts will last for many pieces.  Typically you will be able to sand, ready for prepolish, about 25 - 200 or more  4" x 4" agate pieces with a set of belts.  A typical set of belts is 1-100, 1-220 and 1-600 grit belt.

The sanding disk will last a very long time.  Expected lifetime of a 60 grit 12: dia. disk would be at least 500 4" x 4" agate pieces.

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