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4)  What does Planarize mean?
Planar is defined as to be flat or to lie in the same geometric shape. To planarize a surface then is a verb meaning to make a surface of one plane or to flatten a surface. The word planarize has been popularized by computer chip manufactures that use a process known as "planar". In these process steps a rotating flat lap type of disc is used to physically grind down microscopic protrusions from the silicon wafer created by previous processing steps. These planar steps are critical in the manufacture of integrated circuits that rely on wafer surfaces of a single plane allowing further processing.

When we apply this terminology to polishing a rock face with the ULTIMATE we are using a high speed rotating flat disc with a grinding media (sand paper) to remove protrusion from the surface and creating a flat surface with a single plane. This planarized surface then is more reflective as there are fewer surface variances that scatter light yielding a polished surface and highlighting the beauty of the stone.

Always wear a respirator