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© 2009 - Helvetia Rock Shop LLC All rights reserved.

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© 2009 - Helvetia Rock Shop LLC All rights reserved.


Designed by a professional lapidary.      Built for professional lapidaries.

Our customers share in the knowledge that is gained at the Helvetia Rock Shop as we continually refine our sanding processes for a wide variety of rock and mineral varities.


Based on the tried and trued "bullwheel" design orginally created by Rock Industried of Texas our high speed sander has been simplified, refined and improved. We use the Ultimate Grinder on a daily basis in our lapidary shop where we offer custom services to a host of rock and mineral dealers and collectors. We use the experience that we gain to improve both the Ultimate Grinder equipment and the sanding process.



Ever wondered how a dealer gets all those pieces on their table polished? Chances are that they have a high speed sander in their shop.  With the Ultimate Grinder you too can quickly polish enough stones to stock your own display.